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GL Coaching is a triathlon and sports coaching business run by Greg Lynch.

I was born in Australia and became a certified Level 2 Triathlon and High

Performance coach with over 13 years of international experience. I am currently

based in the Bay Area, in the suburb of San Ramon, CA.

I have been involved in triathlon for 28 years and it has been a wonderful journey.  I have experienced some amazing highs and definitely felt some lows within my  chosen sport. As a professional coach, I have been fortunate enough to make this  my career, passing on knowledge, assisting everyday people in reaching their  goals and seeing many athletes grow and progress further than they could have  ever imagined. The coaching skills and methodology I have learned and developed over the last  13 years have enabled me to bring a structured, well-informed and personally  experienced program. The "Thinking Athlete" is the goal within all my programs.  Whether your event is a sprint, olympic, half ironman or ironman race the  principals do not change. As a GL athlete, you will learn the skills that are required to race smarter, more  efficiently and know how to adapt to any of the variables that may be put in front of you at a race. You will duplicate race conditions in your periodized training  program and learn the importance of your nutrition and hydration plan. Knowing  the how, why, and the when and where to use all the skills you have gained makes you a balanced athlete. Triathlon is a sport that may or may not become your lifestyle. It has become  mine. Why don't you give it a try to see if it can become yours as well!

Spring-Summer Training 5th May 2014

Ignite your Passion Swim – Bike- Run Another way to train for 2014 - Are you tired of training on your own? Tired of being told by so many different athletes or friends how to train, confused by all the information on the internet? Do you need help planning how or when to start your Sprint/Olympic/Half Ironman or Ironman program?
August 10th TT Session Yountville.  August 17th Lake Stevens Half IM
Greg’s Quotes for the Thinking Athlete....
To go fast you have to know what fast is - your fast. With the development of your skills and race practice you find that fast. The thinking athlete always knows the "how I am doing it", "why am I doing it" and what the result will be......  I feel good, I feel strong, I feel relaxed..... Race smart not hard...... Spinners are winners, grinders are whiners.......  Am I in the right gear for the right speed for the terrain I am riding? Run Tall - the flow of running....... Power, Flow and Efficiency........
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